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Import & Export

FIDEPAT International Nig. Ltd. is a licensed Customs broker that helps importers and exporters meet federal requirements for internationalshipments.

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Ship Management

When a ship is purchased for importing and exporting of goods, FIDEPAT ship management team maintain and operate the vessels as well as providing the owner with support throughout the occupancy or charter of the vessel.

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Fidepat International work in line with client's request to find, negotiate and guarantee the lowest possible prices using a unique and cutting-edge approach, which provides comparative advantage for our clients over the market price – adding benefits of improved margins or gains from trade

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We have over 18 years experience!


FIDEPAT INTERNATIONAL NIGERIAstartedbusinessin1990doing3PL Logistics,International Freight Forwarding, Physical Distribution,Packing, Relocation,Port Consolidation, Warehousing Storage, Ship Agencyand Integrated LogisticsServices[Air and Sea] and Project Cargo.Visa, Immigration and Real Estate Services, Port Consols, United Nations, Military Equipment andDiplomatic Shipment. Projects,Warehousing, Ship Agency, Break Bulk, LCL, FCL, E-Commerce, Aircraft Charter, Night Freighter,Event Planer,Exhibitions, Courierand Logistics Solutions.

Objectives: EffectiveCommunication, good ratesandavailabilityfor any job and Customer satisfaction. At Fidepat International Company Limited, it is not that we do completely different things than others do; it is that we tend to think about things differently than others – and to a greater degree. We pay extraordinary attention to the details surrounding our business processes. We strategically place emphasis that is both greater than and different from what is typical in corporate best practices.

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Our Advantage

Our efforts make us become well-known in the air field. Since the establishment of our company, our air cargo export volume ranked in the top three in Local and International airports in consecutive three years, moreover, we have been highly recognized by the logistics field.

we offer quick & powerful logistics solution

FIDEPAT is a Class A forwarding company approved by CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China ), Ministry of Communication and Customs Head Office. Meanwhile, we have got Class A Air Transport Sales Agency Certification, Non-Vessel Operation Common Carrier Certification and membership of World Cargo Alliance.

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  • F.   Forthright, Friendly & Forth Coming.
  • I.   Industrius, Initiative & Innovative.
  • D.   Decisive, Dedicated, Discipline & Dutiful.
  • E.   Ethical, Economical, Eagle Eye.
  • P.   Pace-setter, Performance & Paying Attention to details.
  • A.   Automated; i.e. Computerised System, Acurate & Advanced.
  • T.   Tried, Trusted, Truthful & Timely.